Mpilo Technologies is a specialist software development company with a focus on the financial services sector.  It provides bespoke application development with a specific focus on digital banking solutions for its customers. Mpilo Tech has been operating for 6 years and has grown the business from two employees to more than 80 employees during that period.

The company struggled for two years to break into the large corporate supply chains. It then got an opportunity to do business with Absa and Standard Bank. Absa was one of Mpilo’s first large corporate customers. Absa took Mpilo Tech on board both as a supplier and on their supplier development programme.

For Mpilo, being part of a supplier development programme was a game changer, enabling CEO Denzil Fillis to build and grow the business.

In this case study video, Denzil Fillis speaks about the challenges facing small businesses and how being part of a supplier development programme has assisted the company with these challenges.  He comments on how supplier development programmes can be improved and highlights the importance of both financial and non-financial assistance for SMEs and how that has helped his company. He provides insight into what SMEs fail to understand when dealing with corporates and offers advice to his SME counterparts.