The future of business in a post-covid decade and beyond

Isaac Nkama, Futurist & Foresight strategist presented the keynote address at the 2021 Absa Business Day Supplier Development Awards. His presentation covers general world overview and outlook with some future trends, innovation and its importance to tomorrow’s economy, the unobvious, yet significant risk to the growth of Africa’s future economies and future societal changes.

2021 Absa Business Day Supplier Development Awards

The 2021 Absa Business Day Supplier Development Awards recognised and celebrated companies committed to using Supplier Development to build thriving, inclusive and transformative supply chains in Africa. The Awards encourage collaboration and learning by sharing best practice across the African continent, presenting winners with a platform to share their own experiences.


Ronald Bango, MD of TransAfrica speaks about the different types of knowledge that TransAfrica brings to SMMEs that helps them become better suppliers in the corporate value chain. He shares insights on the big challenge that SMMEs face in terms of growth, and the opportunities that have emerged since COVID-19. TransAfrica is a Johannesburg-based management consulting firm that problem-solves challenges for corporates, government and SMMEs.

Joel Transport

Daniel Ngobozana speaks about the financial and non-financial benefits of being on a supplier development programme, about the challenges facing a business owner and how Absa has assisted the company. Joel Transport was established in 1965. It’s a removal and household furniture business focusing on storage, local and long-distance moving and international relocations.

Zenzele Fitness

Entrepreneur Tumi Phake, owner of Zenzele Fitness, talks about his supplier development journey and how he has benefited from being on supplier development programmes; the type of assistance SMEs can receive from such programmes; market access; digital transformation of his business in response to COVID-19; and how being part of Absa’s supplier development programme helped his business survive the pandemic. Zenzele Fitness designs, kits out and manages gyms in large corporate environments.

Mpilo Technologies

Denzil Fillis, CEO of Mpilo Technologies speaks about the challenges facing small businesses and how being part a supplier development programme has assisted the company with these challenges, and provides insight into what SMEs fail to understand when dealing with corporates and offers advice to his SME counterparts. Mpilo Technologies is a specialist software development company with a focus on the financial services sector. It provides bespoke application development with a specific focus on digital banking solutions for its customers.