2021 Digital Dialogues

Start 2022 with that winning feeling

This digital dialogue follows the stories of the triumphant 2021 Absa Business Day Supplier Development Awards winners.

Our expert panel shared insights on how they used their strategy, innovation, influence and courage to make an impact on their own supply chain, and on the communities they service in agriculture, mining and pharmaceuticals for the greater good of society and the economy.

Ethics in the business value chain

Good Business practice is everyone’s responsibility. How do we work towards an ethical business value chain? Does ethics include sustainability and good earth practice?

In this discussion we peel back the curtain on the changes that need to happen in supply chain, for us to be ready for the reveal on the way we do business.

What women want

We are in unprecedented times and never has it been more opportune for women to step up and fulfil their destiny as businesswomen, owners and leaders, than now. Why aren’t more women using their incredible genius, talent, skills, intuition and compassion to drive economic recovery and lead us into a more viable and holistic way of working?

In this discussion our panellists explored new and emerging trends in supply chain and how women are making things happen for themselves, and others in their environment and the circular economy.

How to empower our youth through entrepreneurship

Joblessness amongst our Youth is a deep concern for all sectors of society and needs our urgent attention.

In this discussion we explored supplier development as a tool to enable youth business ownership. Panellists considered opportunities to help young people enter and add value to the supply chain and explore ways to leverage resources within the supplier development ecosystem

Future of Jobs – Employment, Skills and Workforce Strategy in Supplier Development

Globally we face low economic growth, critically high youth unemployment, Covid-19 and a workforce that is largely unprepared for the rapid explosion of the digital age.

This discussion we examined corporate strategies in place to enable a shift in their internal skills and workforce, as well as how corporate supplier development initiatives are assisting small suppliers to onboard the right skills to ensure accessibility to supply chains opportunities.

Bridging the digital divide – giving small suppliers a place at the table

Without digital inclusion, can small suppliers’ transition to doing business online, remotely, through digital platforms and using data-based analysis and business intelligence? What does digital inclusion mean and whose responsibility is it?

This discussion identified the rate of digital transformation and its adoption by small suppliers in Africa.

Accessible finance for small suppliers – a tool to boost growth

How can corporates and their small suppliers’ transition through the huge financial impact of the pandemic?

In this discussion our panel of experts discussed how stakeholders can mitigate the risks of supply chain disruption through access to finance and innovative financial mechanisms for small suppliers.