As we move through the stages of lockdown, the effects on the economy are becoming clearer. But as the lockdown slowly eases, there are still many risks lining the path to full recovery – of which a view is not yet possible.  We’re facing a number of what ifs.

What if the eased restrictions on movement result in a dramatic spike in Covid-19 related illness? What if people are not able to work because they’re too ill? What if the country’s supply chains are further disrupted because of too few healthy personnel? What if manufacturing can’t keep up with demand? What if essential products are no longer available on store shelves? What if suppliers are unable to operate at full capacity? What if SMEs that provide value-add services to the supply chain, cannot be sustained?  The what ifs are endless.

“Many corporates around the world have experienced supply chain disruptions in one form or other due the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic and the cumulative knock-on effects on the broader economy are expected to be disastrous,” says Vusi Fele, Chief Procurement Officer at Absa. “One thing that this pandemic has shown us is the central role that well-functioning supply chains play in our society and the benefits for ensuring that they remain intact as much as possible. One of the many difficult lessons that Covid-19 has reminded us of is that it is important for corporates to keep their supply chains agile and adaptable in order to mitigate huge shocks such as this pandemic.”

What if we can anticipate and mitigate risks in advance?

This period marks a critical pivot point for businesses to take proactive steps to assess their supply chains, manage supply chain risks, structure an appropriate response, and innovate with purpose for a competitive future.

Join us for the third online Absa Business Day Supplier Development Dialogue at 09h30 on 10 June 2020, as we explore Managing Supplier Development in the Covid19 Crisis – how can supply chains survive in the new normal?

There will be expert insights and debate on

  • The big picture – realities of the next few weeks
  • Corporate priorities in weathering the disruption
  • Resilience strategies to protect against supply chain disruption
  • How to survive the economic recession while helping suppliers
  • Helping suppliers navigate crisis management
  • Strategic leadership in a time of crisis


It’s a session specifically geared to supply business leaders, corporates, Supply Chain management and professionals, suppliers and SME’s with food-for-thought, along with practical advice for taking well-informed next step actions.

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About the Absa Business Day Supplier Development Dialogue Series

The Absa Business Day Supplier Development Awards in partnership with Fetola, Cold Press Media, and Arena Holdings recognises the necessity to bridge the gap between suppliers and corporates, to enable collaboration during this critical time.  The series brings together industry thought leaders on supply chain management and development, corporates, suppliers  and  SMME’s to look at hard-hitting issues that will determine the  global and domestic response to the current Covid-19 crisis. For more information about future Absa Business Day Supplier Development Dialogue Series topics see