The current COVID-19 crisis has deeply impacted women who have borne the brunt of disproportionate care burdens, disruptions in income and education, and poor access to health and other essential services. For women already living in poverty, the lockdown is an additional shock to their economic stability.

From immediate relief efforts to longer-term recovery strategies, all sectors of society – including government, businesses, and corporate leaders – need to invest in female economic empowerment to ease the unique, unfair, and unequal impacts on women.

Join the online Absa Business Day Supplier Development dialogues series at 09h30 on 11 August 2020, as experts focus on ways to support the livelihoods of women in Supplier Development programmes.

The discussion will explore

  • How female representation in leadership can contribute to more diverse and sustainable decision-making;
  • The imperative to develop relationships with women-owned businesses across the value chain, to support economic recovery of the communities in which they operate;
  • Necessary steps that businesses can take to support women’s rights, and nurture their vital roles in supplier development programmes;
  • How to close the economic gender gap;
  • The importance of multi-stakeholder partnerships.

We invite corporates, Supplier Development managers and practitioners, suppliers, and SME’s to participate in this critical discussion.

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About the Absa Business Day Supplier Development Dialogue Series

The Absa Business Day Supplier Development Awards in partnership with Fetola, Cold Press Media, and Arena Holdings recognises the necessity to bridge the gap between suppliers and corporates, and to collaborate over this critical time.  The Absa Business Day Supplier Development Dialogue Series brings together thought leaders and Supplier Development Managers, corporates, suppliers and  SMME’s to host critical discussions on supporting the  global and domestic response to our current crisis and to reignite growth. For more information |