As supply chain professionals the focus is to build a robust ecosystem that delivers a resilient competitive advantage. To achieve the transformative and inclusive economic growth that African economies need, demands the deliberate creation of supportive opportunities for small suppliers to play an active role in this ecosystem. For this they need to become future-fit, sustainable and increasingly, globally competitive.

This is even more critical during this time when the South African economy has been disrupted by low economic growth, the Covid-19 pandemic, recent riots, and a workforce that is largely unprepared for the rapid explosion of the digital age.  It is our corporate responsibility as citizens, and the desire and purpose of Supplier Development stakeholders to respond to the crisis and to create the changes needed.

As the world moves rapidly towards an economy in which partnerships and collaboration are key to competitive advantage, we are increasingly aware that not one of us has the solution for the challenges the country faces and that solutions lie in facing these tough times together.  We are therefore delighted to launch the Absa Business Day Supplier Development Insider Track Series, to bring together thought leaders in supply chain, in our economy and on the African continent. The Insiders Track is a series of exclusive interactive workshops, designed to promote exchange of ideas and mutual value for supplier development Insiders.

If you’re an executive in the procurement, supply chain or supplier development profession, this forum provides an opportunity to grow your expertise, networks and collaborative initiatives and mingle with best practice thought leaders. Actively engage on the forum with leaders who share their lessons learnt, inspirational stories and testimonies. Join professionals like yourself, whose quest is to find creative solutions to the challenges of this unprecedented time.

The Insider Track Series hosted by Catherine Wijnberg, CEO of Fetola, is a set of themed workshops with corporates and SMEs, who unpack the dynamic and pivotal relationship between corporates and their suppliers and how to develop a transformative and inclusive supply chain of the future.  Forward thinking specialists share their knowledge, skills and expertise using case studies and testimonies to create cutting edge, tangible learning opportunities.

Join the Absa Business Day Supplier Development Insider Track Series for real time tips and trade secrets from SA’s supply chain leaders. Be part of the solution.

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