Zenzele Fitness was founded in 2014. It designs, kits out and manages gyms in large corporate environments. It also designs and operates gyms at universities and on large private residential estates.

In this case study video, entrepreneur Tumi Phake, who owns Zenzele Fitness, talks about his supplier development journey. He has been on several supplier development programmes and is currently on the Absa supplier development programme. He speaks about how he has benefited from being on supplier development programmes; the type of assistance SMEs can receive by being on a supplier development programme; market access; digital transformation of his business in response to COVID-19; and how being on ABSA’s supplier development programme helped his business survive COVID-19.

He also offers advice to SMEs seeking growth finance and what they need to succeed. He speaks about the challenges SMEs face in joining the supply chains of large corporates and offers advice on what is needed to get a foot in the door. He also offers advice to corporates about how they can improve their supplier development programmes, as well as the next stage of growth for his business.